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The Little Shop

At Vito’s Flowers down on Skid Row, they take care of your problems. A dozen roses for your sweetie. A tasteful wreath for a funeral. A colorful arrangement for a bar mitzvah. For every flower occasion it’s: Problem Solved. Now, say it’s another kind of problem? Say you have a cheating spouse on your hands, or a dirty double-crosser or someone you just plain hate? Well, they can take care of those problems too. But a shop full of contract killers attracts it’s own unique set of problems. And those problems don’t even include a bio-weapon, now making it’s way through the underbelly of the city.

From Russ Manning-nominated author James Heffron and artists Heffron, Rowel Roque & J. Luis Czerniawski comes an action-comedy story best described as Pushing Daisies meets the Professional.

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